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Sales Training


Program Overview

Sales Training

The modern B2B selling environment is rapidly changing. Buyers expect more than ever, and sellers really struggle to deliver the right amount of value at the right time. At ALTA, we combine the art and science of sales and have developed sales training materials that can help you with prospecting and business development, selling consultatively, account expansion, and other programs.

We offer training programs for...

Business Development and Prospecting

Learn modern and innovative ways of breaking through the noise and starting new conversations with your target buyers.

Account Expansion

Is there a huge untapped opportunity to sell more products and services to your major accounts? This program is designed to help you expand accounts and increase your revenue per client.

Selling Integrated Solutions

Do you struggle to bundle your products and services? Is cross-selling part of your growth strategy but too difficult to execute consistently? This program will help you more effectively bundle your products and services so that you can deliver more value to your customers.

Selling Consultatively

Do you ask good questions? Do your buyers feel like you can help them chart a path to a better new reality? To be a consultant in your sales process requires a combination of asking the right questions and delivering the right value IN the sales cycle. This training will help you do both effectively.

Selling Into A New Market

Finding a new market to sell into can be exciting, but paralyzing. Not all business cultures are the same and having a new market you want to open up is usually more complicated than just shipping your solutions across a border. To more effectively tell your story in a new market, this training will help you effectively sell into a new market.

Sales Management

What does a great Sales Manager actually do? Planning, forecasting, motivating, coaching, hiring, and sometimes rolling up the sleeves to do some selling themselves. Knowing how, and when, to do each of those critical roles is important and many Sales Leaders struggle to balance this juggling act. Our Sales Management training is designed for Sales Leaders of all levels of experience and will guide you on how to best build and support a high-performing sales team.

Our Training Approach...

Website Comaprisons



1:1 Training


Sales Training

We help our clients achieve

A more mature & sophisticated sales team

A bigger pipeline with larger average deal sizes

Better win rates with more repeat buying

Effective prospecting & account growth

Quicker conversations in the lead-to-cash cycle

Effective tools for better sales enablement

Our Training Outcomes Include...

Sales Training

What you can gain...

Sales Training
Sales Training
Sales Training
Sales Training
Sales Training
Sales Training

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