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Strategic Account Acquisition Puts You Back in the Driver’s Seat

Acquire high-value clients with targeted plans tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

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Elevate Your Professional Services Business

Expand your revenue by moving upmarket.  

Our strategic account-acquisition sales training trains your existing sales staff in practical methods for approaching and winning larger accounts.

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Unlock Growth Opportunities

We start from the ground up. Your team will gain a comprehensive understanding of your target client, including their needs, challenges and buying behaviors. We then work with you to create a tailored sales and marketing plan that effectively engages your market where they are. 


We continually guide your team with access to up-to-the-minute industry trends and valuable market insights, helping you outmaneuver the competition and make better-informed decisions.


Why Strategic Account Acquisition?

With the right approach, strategic account acquisition will help you:

Increase Your Average Deal Size

See more revenue without growing your marketing and sales engine.

Saas Consultant
Saas Consultant

Accomplish More With Less

You can shift your focus to quality, not quantity, and reduce the number of projects needed to meet your revenue goals.

Win Those Big Accounts

Invest in the resources and capabilities necessary to win major accounts to take on larger, more lucrative clients.

Saas Consultant

Easier Forecasting of Deals and Staffing

Stabilize your staff retention and your team’s bandwidth to manage projects.

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Evolve From Provider to Partner 

Graduate from being a service provider to a true client partner that they turn to for consultation and support.

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Increase Executive-Level Relationships

Develop more relationships at the executive and C-suite levels, positioning yourself as trusted advisors in your clients' success.

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Put an End to Cash Flow Instability 

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Relying on small deals that turn over quickly can result in a high level of attrition, leading to the need to hire and lay off staff throughout the year. Additionally, this can cause significant cash flow consequences, making it difficult to plan for the long term if you don't know what cash flow will look like for the next quarter.


By working with us, you can avoid these issues and build a more stable, sustainable business.

Our Process



We evaluate existing sales enablement and people's capabilities for strategic acquisition.



We develop an ideal strategic account profile and target the most profitable companies to acquire.



We deliver a major account acquisition plan with key people to reach out to, sales messaging, conversation activities, and solution frameworks.



We develop a timeline, address pain points, and work with you to build your activity plan to win bigger clients.

Experience the Power of Strategic Account Acquisition

Our clients are seeing incredible success in acquiring more strategic accounts, to the tune of a 200% increase in revenue – without expanding their services, hiring more staff or experiencing service issues. We can help you maximize your growth!

About Us

ALTA Consulting was established in 2015 and is a consulting company that assists professional services businesses in making money and achieving their goals. We specialize in assisting firms in the Technology and Professional Services sectors that need help with their strategies and are aiming to develop their sales and marketing functions. ALTA Consulting helps you achieve sustainable, long-term growth that you can maintain. Our growth consultants leverage their 25+ years of combined experience in sales and marketing, along with our globally recognized growth system, to develop actionable solutions tailored to your business. We provide hands-on guidance through the entire process, so you can build momentum quickly and begin realizing key business objectives.  

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