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Supercharge Account Expansion with ALTA Consulting

Achieve sales goals and maximize ROI for both account expansion and new market entry.

Get Ahead or Risk Falling Behind

Many Professional Services and Tech businesses face major challenges such as:

account expansion

Stuck with one-off projects

Inability to expand client relationships

Low average revenue

Pigeonholed into providing only one service

Delivery and customer success teams struggle to grow accounts and cross-sell

business growth consultant
business growth consultant

Clients often seen as transactional partners rather than long-term strategic partners

ALTA Consulting can help your business overcome these challenges and transform your customer relationships into thriving partnerships through account expansion.


Why Choose ALTA Consulting as an Account Expansion Partner?

A Tailored Approach

We consider your current sales context, outbound sales performance, and other relevant factors, to ensure your plan is unique to your specific situation.

account expansion
account expansion

Support and Guidance at Every Step

ALTA works closely with you to put your plan into action, guiding and supporting you along the way.

Repeat Business

We help you create a customer-centric culture, leading to increased customer loyalty, repeat business, and a stable revenue stream.

account expansion


We identify and address inefficiencies in your sales and customer service processes, leading to improved profitability so you can close more deals, reduce sales cycles, and improve margins.

account expansion

Strategic Partnerships With More Lucrative Accounts

We help you identify and pursue strategic partnerships with high-value accounts, increasing your revenue and profitability while reducing your reliance on one-off transactions.

account expansion

Multiyear Service Contracts

We help you create long-term relationships with your clients that result in multiyear service contracts, providing a stable revenue stream and reducing the need for constant prospecting and lead generation.

account expansion

Avoid the Business Death Spiral

Businesses can get caught in a downward spiral that will ultimately kill their growth. This spiral includes:

Feast or famine mode

Relying on sporadic project work can lead to unpredictable revenue streams, as well as difficulty forecasting future employees and resource requirements. It results in financial instability.

Transactional project provider

Failing to prioritize lasting relationships with clients can limit your opportunities for long-term growth and success.

Nondedicated team

Team members must be dedicated to growing client accounts and building strong partnerships for the long haul.

Reactive approach

Don’t make your clients seek out your competitors because you failed to stay engaged and provide ongoing value.

ALTA’s Proactive Approach to Account Expansion

ALTA Consulting provides a proactive and comprehensive approach to account expansion that involves 4 key steps.



Thorough discovery process and information gathering so we gain a deep understanding of your current sales processes, resources, and challenges.



Identify any areas for improvement or optimization using a range of tools and techniques to gain insights and develop a holistic understanding of your sales process.



Make specific recommendations to you, covering areas where you may be missing out on opportunities, such as on the people, processes, or technology fronts.



Implement new sales processes, adopt new technologies, or reorganize sales teams to maximize their effectiveness, ensuring you are poised to achieve sales targets and grow your business.

Start Mastering the Upsell Now

We understand that professional services and tech businesses can easily fall into the trap of feast or famine mode, where unpredictable revenue streams and financial instability can hinder their long-term growth. At ALTA Consulting, we believe in a proactive approach.

Image by Razvan Chisu

To achieve this, we work with you to develop long-term partnerships with your clients that go beyond transactional project work and identify account expansion opportunities. This means ensuring that your team members are invested in their clients' success and not just focused on completing the project at hand. By doing so, we can help you capitalize on opportunities for repeat business and referrals. We also help you identify and develop new opportunities to stay engaged and provide ongoing support and value to your clients. This ensures that they don't seek out competitors who offer similar services.

About Us

ALTA Consulting, established in 2015, is a consulting company that assists businesses in making money and achieving their goals. We specialize in assisting firms in the Technology and Professional Services sectors that need help with their strategies and are aiming to develop their sales and marketing functions. ALTA Consulting helps you achieve sustainable, long-term growth that you can maintain. Our growth consultants leverage their 25+ years of combined experience in sales and marketing, along with our globally recognized growth system, to develop actionable solutions tailored to your business. We provide hands-on guidance through the entire process, so you can build momentum quickly and begin realizing key business objectives.

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