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Service Productization

In this video, Gord delves into how professional services firms can transform their offerings into standardized, scalable products. Learn the strategies and benefits of productizing your services to enhance efficiency, improve client satisfaction, and drive growth. Perfect for CEOs, founders, and leaders in the professional services sector looking to innovate and streamline their business model.

Generative AI in Service Productization

Learn how integrating Generative AI can revolutionize the standardization and scalability of your services, making them more efficient and client-focused than ever before. Ideal for professional services leaders looking to innovate and streamline operations.

Team Alignment with Rohit Shanker

Find out how Rohit Shanker, CEO of Naryant, overcomes the challenges he faces as a tech company in integrating new team members, customer engagement, and fostering collaboration in hybrid work environments. Learn how he handles pushbacks and promotes open communication across all divisions to achieve a harmonious and seamless flow of operations.

Building a Sales Culture in ProServ

This video discusses the importance of fostering a sales culture within professional services firms, highlighting the challenges faced due to a lack of sales competency. Gord emphasizes the critical pillars of professional services firms, including leadership and client relationships, and outlines strategies for enhancing sales culture, such as sales competency assessments and involving all levels of the company in sales processes.

Should I Hire a LeadGen Service?

This ALTA Insights episode focuses into whether outsourcing lead generation services is beneficial for companies, especially service firms facing pipeline development challenges.

Delegation in ProServ Firms

Gord discusses the inefficiency in professional services where senior staff undertake tasks suitable for junior employees, adversely affecting margins and development opportunities.


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