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Skyrocket Your Revenue with B2B Sales Consulting

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What would a fresh sales process do for your business?


Improve your B2B sales process to boost your revenue and scale up your professional services business.


As experts in B2B sales consulting, ALTA Consulting specializes in transforming professional services businesses. Our expert team is made up of both consultants and sellers who have a deep understanding of sales effectiveness, process design and the kind of soft skill training that is essential to professional services businesses.

Revitalize Your Professional Services Business With B2B Sales Consulting

At ALTA Consulting, we are experts in selling professional services. It’s been the cornerstone of our business model since our inception in 2015. Our team understands the nuances and complexities of the professional services industry, and we know how to navigate the challenges that come with selling intangible outcomes.

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Our B2B sales consulting:

Supports seller-client alignment

Boosts revenue opportunities

Enhances workforce productivity

Uncovers new engagement potential

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Your Credibility is Crucial

We understand that selling professional services is different. Rather than selling a product, you’re selling intangible outcomes.  Your sales team’s credibility is critical to success.

Our tailored approach to B2B sales consulting includes consulting and training, along with services to help with prospecting, project selling, and growth, to help you achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

Revenue-Boosting Solutions with B2B Sales Consulting

We know that navigating the complexities of fixed-bid projects, fixed scope, and ongoing retainers is challenging. Our expert consultants will empower your shift to solutions selling, and even help you craft a targeted, vertical-based approach. Together, we'll reposition your company and sales team as industry trailblazers, delivering a razor-sharp, client-focused, and sector-specific value proposition.

Tackle Persistent Sales Challenges

Vanquish low average sale amounts, breathe new life into your client portfolio, and master the art of selling value with ease.

Designing a Customized Growth Roadmap

Unlock exponential business growth and skyrocket revenue over a fixed time period, without the burden of expanding your team.

Revolutionary Sales Consulting and Training

We'll elevate your outbound sales model to new heights and guide you in assembling a powerhouse sales team with the right talent.

Optimizing Hiring and Compensation

Navigate the intricacies of over-hiring and overcompensating sales staff with expert assistance, ensuring a balanced and motivated team.

Empowering Leaders to Thrive

Liberate your CEO's time, enabling them to focus on strategic business development and vital growth initiatives for unparalleled success.

What Our Clients are Saying…

“ With ALTA’s client-centric playbook, we generated 50 new leads in just 3 weeks” 

- Software development company

Here’s How We Work with You: B2B Sales Consulting Process



We analyze your sales challenges and data, then develop a customized plan to improve your team's strengths and weaknesses.



We evaluate sales performance and effectiveness to get you closer to the 2-3x revenue goal.



We consult before we train to truly understand your issues. Our team consists of strategic sales consultants who provide thought leadership and expertise to help you win deals.



We provide a growth blueprint that serves as a roadmap to double or triple revenue and profitability over a fixed time, usually five years. Our services can also include coaching or sales training, sales leadership development, Salesforce evaluation, and sales compensation benchmarking and redesign.

Discover the Power of B2B Sales Consulting

With no outbound sales and relying solely on the CEO to generate leads, professional services companies experience stagnation and frustration. Our clients use our consulting-first mindset, industry-leading expertise, and unique approach to skyrocket their growth exponentially. Isn’t it time you had the same result?

About Us

ALTA Consulting is a growth consulting firm that specializes in helping Professional Services clients achieve their business goals. With over 25 years of combined experience offering services like leadership coaching, growth coaching and B2B sales consulting, our team is equipped to assist businesses with developing sustainable, long-term growth strategies. Our focus is on providing tailored, actionable solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of each client. We offer hands-on guidance throughout the growth process, so that our clients can quickly build momentum and begin realizing their key business objectives.

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