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Tap Into Your Organization’s Potential

Unlock the potential of your organization with growth coaching and sales consulting. By tackling problems that stretch across both practices, you can ensure growth in all areas and experience real results.

Unlock Sustainable Growth


Organize processes, systems, and people to unlock sustainable growth and make sure you’re getting the most out of every component across the enterprise.


Together, we can help you take your organization to the next level.


Reap The Benefits of Working with a Growth Strategy Coach

We help leaders achieve their company goals quickly and more effectively. Here are some of the key benefits of working with ALTA:


An objective perspective on your business


Identify areas of opportunity and potential problems


Guidance and support to help you stay on track


Strategies and tactics to reach your goals


Systems and processes to implement strategies efficiently


Measured progress with adjustments made along the way

Why ALTA Growth Strategy Coaching


We use a proven global system, which is a scaling up system. Other less effective systems are out there, but scaling up focuses solely on execution and strategy.


The coaches you work with are seasoned executives who have run large companies.


We have a series of technology platforms that ease the adoption and implement scaling up (Cashflow, Metronome, etc.)


We combine coaching with our sales consulting practice, so we help clients across two disciplines. This provides you with a unique combination of growth coaching and sales consulting skills, which is hard to find!

What Our Clients are Saying…

Since 2015, ALTA Consulting has helped clients generate over $260,000,000 in additional revenue.

Our feedback often includes satisfied clients who love our simple exercises approach and tools that create robust discussion. They like being coached by former company heads who have been in the industry for decades. And finally, they just love the good results. Their companies are growing, their people more aligned, and the cash flow improves.

We help business leaders…


Identify their growth goals and create a plan to reach them.

Develop strategies to increase their profits and market share.

Stay focused and motivated on their goals.

Develop a competitive edge in their industry.

Create more efficient systems and processes.

Make better decisions and take advantage of opportunities.

How We Work With You


We start with an upfront assessment of your leadership team and benchmark a client’s business in order to prioritize how to scale up and come up with a game plan.


​Our implementation involves quarterly workshops where we coach the client on implementation to facilitate correctly. This involves a series of tech tools using growth software.


We have an annual workshop with each client over 2 days.


We also include monthly leadership team meetings and/or individual coaching sessions.

What Can Go Wrong?

Not taking advantage of a growth coach can impact your business in a number of ways:

The valuation of your company will not reach its full potential, therefore, you do not reach your growth potential.

You can end up working long, unnecessary hours because you are unable to create systems, processes and people that take you out of day-to-day operations.

You fall into a trap of ineffective marketing, which is a major waste of time and money, something you cannot afford to lose!

Get More Out of Life with Growth Strategy Coaching


Life is short—make the most of it. Grow your business and take back control of your time, money, and fun with Growth Strategy Coaching. Our experienced coaches can help you tackle problems that stretch across both Growth Coaching and Sales Consulting to lead to overall growth. Unlock a new level of success today!

About Us

ALTA Consulting was established in 2015 and is a small consulting company that assists businesses in making money and achieving their goals. We specialize in assisting firms in the Technology and Professional Services sectors that need help with their strategies and are aiming to develop their sales and marketing functions.

Our Successful Clients

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Ready to scale your business?

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