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Discover the Power of Scaling Up

Scaling up is a powerful growth strategy for businesses that want to maximize their potential. It involves leveraging existing resources and capabilities to increase the size and scope of the business. It is a framework designed to help businesses achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

How Does Scaling Up Help My Business?

saas consultant

Scaling up your business offers many benefits. It allows you to reach a larger customer base, increase market share, and generate more revenue. It also gives you the opportunity to tap into untapped markets and expand into new regions.


Scaling up also gives you the chance to increase your profits and build a more efficient and productive organization. It can help you become more competitive and gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Finally, scaling up can help you increase your impact and make a bigger difference in the world. By scaling up, you can create more jobs, drive innovation, and make a bigger social impact.

Are You Dealing With...

Revenue plateaus

Ineffective leadership

Lack of alignment and focus of Senior Leadership Team

Challenges dealing with rapid growth

saas consultant

Ramp up your sales performance with Scaling Up

Identify new opportunities, build the right processes and strategies, and get the help of our experienced consultants to take your business to the next level. We’ll provide you with data-driven insights and help you implement changes that will maximize your performance and increase your sales.

How Do We Compare?

saas consultant

Our proven industry standard methodology places a heavy emphasis on both strategy and execution of Scaling Up Growth System as opposed to sole execution systems. 

ALTA coaches are different – we have deep, real operating senior leadership experience; our experts have built and run companies. What’s more, we coach from an entrepreneur/business owner perspective. We bring our experience with people, industry expertise, and real-world experience to provide you with relevant consulting and feedback.

ALTA has specific industry expertise in technology and professional services. We do not provide you with a generic coach with a generic system knowledge – ALTA knows your system and your industry very well. 

Clients get a customized plan that’s reflective of where they are. We focus on the specific areas that need to the most attention to scale. In other words, we do not try and give you a cookie cutter plan – your plan is very specific to your individual business.

We offer a unique combination of

Growth Coaching and Sales Consulting = Growth Consulting

which is very hard to find.

Turbocharge Your Revenue

With the right strategies and processes in place, you can turbocharge your revenue and take your business to the next level. Get access to expert sales consulting, analyze your data, develop new strategies and processes, and implement changes to scale up your success.

Cut Through the Clutter and Unlock Your Potential

Don’t waste time sorting through endless data and inefficient strategies. With Scaling Up, you can quickly identify areas of improvement in your business and take action to unlock your full potential. Improve efficiency, increase sales, and maximize success with our professional services.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

When you’re stuck and can’t seem to figure out why your sales are low, it’s time to get help from the professionals. Our team of experts will identify any potential opportunities that may be hiding in the data, develop new strategies and processes to improve your performance, and implement changes that will help you increase your sales.

Snowy Mountain Peaks

How We Work With You


We evaluate your executive team and measure the client's company to determine which areas to focus on in order to scale up and develop a strategy.


We offer a program of quarterly workshops that helps the client with implementation by providing them with guidance. This includes making use of several technological resources and growth software.


We offer an annual workshop with each client over a period of 2 days.


We also include monthly leadership team meetings and/or individual coaching sessions.

Gain insights from your data, create strategies and processes, and make changes to increase sales and improve performance

Without scaling up your business, you:

Unless you scale up your business, you put yourself at risk for the following, which can kill a business over time:

Losing loyal, hard-working employees

Owners who work overtime up to 80 hours per week

No one is having fun, and morale is low

Your business valuation never reaches its full potential

About Us

ALTA Consulting was established in 2015 and is a small consulting company that assists businesses in making money and achieving their goals. We specialize in assisting firms in the Technology and Professional Services sectors that need help with their strategies and are aiming to develop their sales and marketing functions.

Ready to scale your business?

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