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business coaching


Sustainable growth

You can grow your business while having a solid foundation that supports that growth.

The ability to scale

We work to make sure you have strategies that not only help your business grow, but are still in place as your company’s needs change.

With more opportunities for growth and strategies in place, businesses become more valuable.

Increased business valuation

If the right tool doesn’t exist, we build it based on your unique circumstances.

The expertise to know when to deploy our effective, customized library of tools

Solid exit strategies

We ensure there is internal leadership in place, meaning if you sell the company, retire, or go on vacation, you can do it without worry.

Strong company culture and partnerships

We help your company define and develop what an A-Player is and help you build the company culture that magnetically attracts them from the talent market.

We help our clients achieve...

business coaching

Do You Ask Yourself?

business coaching

How do I break out of this growth plateau?

Why am I struggling to find the right talent for the job?

Who would run the business if I went on vacation for two weeks?

How can I properly scale my business as it grows?

How can I spend less time IN the business and more time ON the business?

business growth consultant
business growth consultant

Are you using strategies that may be working for the moment, but won’t support your business in the long run? You could be holding yourself back from growth and success if so. Many companies find themselves unprepared for real growth. Their services can’t scale as the company grows. And while 60-hour work weeks may work here and there, they’re simply not sustainable in the long term.

business coaching

Our process includes...

Customized business solutions

Our solutions don’t try to fit you into a box. Instead, they’re tailored to your business and are 100% flexible.

Tangible frameworks and roadmaps

We won’t send you on your way with a couple of suggestions. Our business consulting service includes easy-to-understand frameworks, roadmaps, and step-by-step recommendations.


With our approach, you can easily see the impact our recommendations will have on your business, bottom line, and customer experience.

Our Business Coaching Approach

business coaching





Through initial conversations, we’ll find out what your company is struggling with and discuss your long-term goals.

An analysis helps us identify the exact pain points within your business so we can develop the best solutions.

Through workshops, we’ll start identifying the solutions and strategies that will best serve your goals.

Finally, we’ll present you with an easy-to-understand roadmap that sets you on your growth path.

With Business Coaching, We Help Companies Develop Infrastructure that Supports the Business and Makes Growth Possible

Many businesses and professional services providers aren’t quite sure where the problems lie within their companies. If you’re unable to identify the root cause, identifying the solution is likely impossible. Others know the issue at hand but are unsure how to solve it. Both scenarios can mean your team is constantly pulling 60-hour work weeks to meet goals or your growth has plateaued. The way you’re going about your work is likely unsustainable.


However, ALTA Consulting can help your organization by identifying those pain points and their solutions. As industry experts, we understand what you’re up against and can help develop frameworks and step-by-step roadmaps that ensure you’re heading towards solutions that keep you on track for success. We provide workshops, exercises, toolkits, strategic plans, Topgrading, and more to help you meet those pain points head-on and solve them without confusion or stress.

How Can You Benefit from Business Coaching?

Our business coaching helps make goals more achievable than ever but also gives you a solid foundation and springboard to work from. Instead of constantly heading towards unsustainable growth or getting stuck on that plateau, this approach means you can have the tools and resources on hand to overcome your barriers to growth. And, with ALTA Consulting, your company culture will attract clients and top talent.

Solve Those Challenges Once and for All with Business Coaching from ALTA Consulting
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