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Grow top line revenue and profitability while planning long-term success.

Increase Revenue with an Account Growth Strategy

Account Growth Strategy

With an account growth strategy, you increase sales revenue from current clients, while also ensuring they are engaged and love doing business with you. You maximize sales to your current customer base, having your customers realize the full value you offer.


Your account growth strategy will include goals, objectives, and tactics you can use to grow your business. You’ll have strategies for expanding your reach and leveraging existing networks to increase engagement and conversions, and a plan for measuring your successes so you can adjust quickly.

Do You Ask Yourself?


How much more profitable can I be in my current accounts?

How do I identify accounts to grow?

How do I sell more service lines to existing clients?

How can I increase my average deal size and attract and catch bigger fish?

How do I train my team of consultants to recognize new growth opportunities?

business growth consultant
business growth consultant

If your business is experiencing the following:

Account Growth Strategy

You can’t win any new major clients

All of your deals are very transactional and low value

You might sell good projects, but you have no game plan in place for selling services across your offerings to your customers

We can help...

Position your services strategically – not transactionally

Get you into your best accounts and find new services to sell to them

Grow your average deal size

Win more new, major clients

Boost your average account revenue

Share our Major Account Planning (MAP) process, a repeatable blueprint to grow existing client accounts

Account Growth Strategy
Snowy Mountain Peaks

Our process includes...


We help assemble the right major account team. There are 6 different roles that make up a strong account team, and we have the tools to identify and fill each of the following roles. Source: Raingroup.

  • Tech expert

  • Results driver

  • Project Manager

  • Relationship lead

  • Collaborator

  • Innovator


We help find the clients with the highest revenue potential that exist in your database. Not all clients are equal in terms of potential, so we help you target specific companies for account growth. This involves our 10-section Major Account Planning (MAP) process. Then we execute on the plan and use workshops to teach you how to use the planner.


Our execution workshops include value labs, win labs, and helping you put together a message to bring to market.


Then, we measure success. We ensure you are selling all services to the best clients, and you have the ability to reengage with major accounts and position them for more services in the future.

What Our Clients are Saying…

“Our company has never had any business development culture whatsoever. You guys helped us through a paradigm shift.”

– DISHER, a leading North American engineering company

Plan long-term success and uncover opportunities for growth with account growth strategy. Identify the right steps to help you reach your goals faster.

What's at stake

Without an account growth strategy your business is vulnerable to the following threats, which can kill a company over time:

The cost of acquiring new clients is higher than selling additional services to existing clients

You experience slow growth

You waste time and money always trying to acquire new clients

You will work like crazy to win new clients because your current clients are one and done projects

You miss out on the majority of your customer base which is a huge pool of possible revenue

You are not reaching your full potential as a business

You will keep chasing bad deals

About Us

ALTA Consulting was established in 2015 and assists businesses in making money and achieving their goals. We specialize in the Technology and Professional Services sectors and help firms that are aiming to develop their sales and marketing functions.


Our business consultants are veteran leaders and practitioners. They are client-focused, delivery-excellence driven, and can navigate and oversee complex projects, working effectively across diverse organizations. Each plan is tailored to your company.


We assist your company with all of your comprehensive business requirements. Our consulting services help you combine planning and execution in order to optimize the use of people, procedures, data, and technology.

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