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Leverage the Art and Science of Selling with a Sales Coach

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Business Growth Consultant

Hiring a sales coach is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Outsourcing your sales training program to experts ensures that you can scale up your business in a sustainable manner.

We Can’t All Be Experts in Sales

Chances are, you are an expert in many aspects of your work and life. Maybe that expertise is in product development or user experience, or maybe even in marketing. Your expertise in any number of critical areas has been the key to your company’s success. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and creates unique value in what you provide your customers or clients.

But no one can be an expert in every area of their business. And spreading yourself too thin across multiple roles only lessens your impact in any one area. It might be time to make some important decisions; decisions that will determine the direction of your business in both the near and long term. Start with sales.

If you aren’t an expert in sales, if you aren’t current with the best practices and latest trends, your company can’t live up to its revenue and growth potential. Trial and error is not an option. And how much time are you really able to spend reading up on the most recent sales literature? You need a solid ROI for the resources you put into your sales strategy. This is where sales coaching and a sales training program will play a crucial role in scaling up your business.

Modern Sales is a Mix of Art and Science

Sales has evolved into a blend of both science and art. The sales pipeline has become an ever more complex system of valves that need to be adjusted in just the right ways in order to achieve optimum performance and revenue. These valves control all of the variables a company must balance when trying to move opportunities through the pipeline and close deals.

Sales Variables


2.Prospecting Channels

3.Conversion Rates

4.Sales Velocity

The Science and Art of the Pipeline

All of these factors determine sales efficiency and, ultimately, growth. Building a successful sales pipeline is the science. Which steps go in which order and where to place the various valves is a result of research and data. If you have the correct information about the channels your prospects originate from and the factors that move them from funnel to qualifying to final sign off, your pipeline will work. However, each step is interconnected and getting the system to run smoothly, efficiently, and deliver results is the art. A good sales consultant is one who has both the knowledge and experience to understand what to change, when, and how.

This combination of art and science will drive up the right mix of quantity and quality in your sales pipeline and make the process as efficient and profitable as possible.

Evaluate Your Current State of Sales

As you consider whether you need to find an expert in sales to complement your own business expertise, examine your sales goals. Are you trying to increase your conversion rate? Maybe you’ve been stuck at a revenue plateau and can’t seem to break through to the next level of success.

As you assess concerns you have with your current sales system, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

1.Is your current sales process undefined and inefficient?

2.Are you suffering through too many ups and downs in sales?

3.Is it difficult to keep up with current changes in your market?

An undefined sales process can make it difficult to fill your sales funnel fast enough to prevent drops in sales and also challenging to identify adaptations necessary to keep up with market changes.

If the answer to any of the questions above is, yes, you’re ready to bring on a sales consultant to work with. Get the assistance you need to make your company’s possibilities a reality.

If You Stress Over Sales, It’s Time to Find a Sales Consultant

Small to mid-sized companies like yours are often under-resourced in areas such as sales. This tension between the possible and the practical is a common cause of stress and leaves companies far behind their competition. Are you constantly crunched for time? Feeling frozen and second guessing your sales decisions? Constantly moving other items above sales tasks on your to-do list? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Ease the Burden of Sales Strategy

Outsourcing sales allows you to benefit immediately from a consultant who has access to the latest data relevant to your market and can begin strategically scaling up your business. They will help you move on from a sales pipeline too small to accommodate business growth to an efficient system of prospecting, qualifying, and converting. Sales coaching will ensure that your company has a healthy sales growth culture that will give you peace of mind and pay dividends into the future.

Outsourcing sales and bringing on a consultant is a big decision for any company. It’s a sign that you are ready to prioritize growth and take your success to the next level. When it’s time for you, ALTA Consulting will get you there.

Scale Up with ALTA Consulting

You don’t have to BE an expert in sales, you just need to know where to find a sales expert. When you work with us, you’ll find experts with access to the best practices and most current sales-based research from around the world. You will benefit from our trained, strategic consultants who are dedicated to learning every detail of your business and your current sales strategies.

At ALTA, we are thought leaders in sales consultation. We not only combine the science and art of sales, but also the grit of a seasoned sales team with the forward-looking sensibilities of a strategic marketing department. This alignment of sales and marketing amplifies sales success and business growth.

The Value of ALTA

We uncover your unique value proposition, look into your sales funnel and pipeline and perform a detailed analysis. We identify which valves are open and which are closed. We determine what adjustments you can make to boost sales and make actionable recommendations targeted at the goals you have established.

After implementing a sales program that will best fit your needs and achieve your goals, we also have the means to transition from your sales consultant to your sales service provider and take the lead in removing any blockages in your newly designed sales pipeline.

Together with ALTA, you get:

1.A bigger sales pipeline

2.Larger average sales sizes

3.A more efficient sales cycle

4. And so much more

We look forward to becoming your sales experts so that you are free to apply your expertise towards the success of your company.


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