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A Collection Of Fresh Sales And Marketing Insights For Your Organization

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Read below for insights from three articles that offer a new perspective on engineering more revenue for your business.

15 Ideas For Selling With LinkedIn

The RAIN Group has put together 15 ideas that can help you tap into more revenue through your LinkedIn page through simple changes. All of the recommendations can be completed with little-to-no existing knowledge of how to use the platform, but will yield powerful prospecting and sales results.

Here are some insights about why you should implement change:

  1. 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make decisions.

  2. Sellers who use social selling are 51% more likely to exceed quota, and 89.9% of top sellers view LinkedIn as essential.


The Domino Effect: How Sales Leaders Are Reinventing Go-To Market Strategy In The Next Normal

This article out of McKinsey & Company details a four domino sequence that sales leaders inside of top organizations are adopting to improve sales ROI by up to 20%. The first step involves creating a commercial hub for your sales leaders to draw continuous insights from, leading to higher quality opportunities. Building an engine for insights is a critical component of automating opportunity.

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HubSpot: The Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

A brand new article from HubSpot to teach you about Account-Based Marketing.

Here are a few reasons to implement both ABM and inbound marketing:

  1. Inbound marketing helps you attract target accounts and ABM then accelerates the flywheel so you can win and delight those target accounts with a remarkable customer experience (and as a result, you’ll grow better).

  2. Inbound marketing lays the foundation for a strong ABM strategy — ABM builds off of inbound by allowing for targeted and efficient resource allocation of high-value accounts.

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At ALTA, our goal is a holistic approach designed to drive increased revenue by combining strategy, training and execution. Get in touch today and we’ll guide you to better sales and marketing capabilities.

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